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Court Ops is a Salt Lake City based company that specializes in the service of civil process. We started business on July 1, 2008 with the idea of providing a more cost effective solution of delivering papers for our clients.

We have quickly grown. In 2009 we served over 7500 papers and in 2010 we served over 17000. We have between 35 and 45 servers across the states of Utah and Idaho. This type of coverage allows us to charge a smaller fee and still accomplish service in a very timely manner.

We are excellent at locating people. Of the papers we have served, around 20% have been at addresses different than the one provided to us by our client. We know that the defendant or witness needs to be served, even if we are given older information as to their whereabouts.

We have around 20 private investigators. This means that we can serve almost any paper, pre or post judgment. (summons, subpoena, writ of garnishment, order in supplemental proceeding, order to show cause, etc.)

Please contact us so we can show you firsthand the superior service we provide.

Cory Warnick

Cory spent 7 years as a Deputy Constable where he executed service of countless civil documents including summonses, subpoenas, garnishments, restitutions, executions and an occasional replevin. He also transported jail inmates on a daily basis and has affected numerous arrests on criminal warrants.

While most of his time is spent doing office work and administration, Cory still continues to be one of our best servers. As a private investigator, he uses various tools and strategies to find defendants and witnesses.

Cory served a mission for the LDS church in Brazil. He speaks Portuguese fluently and enough Spanish to effectively serve a paper in Spanish.

Cory has been with the company since its inception on July 1, 2008. He has a passion to make sure the job is done right and in a very cost effective manner.

Spencer Lawrence

Spencer was a Salt Lake County Deputy Constable for 12 years. As a Deputy Constable he arrested defendants on criminal warrants, transported prisoners to and from court and served civil process. The process he served includes, but is not limited to, summons, subpoenas, orders to show cause, bench warrants, writs of restitution, execution, replevin, and garnishments.

He also provided bailiff services for 3 different courts throughout the Salt Lake Valley. During his this time Spencer was also the Chief Deputy for 7 years which included responsibilities of managing other deputies, resolving problems, organizing schedules, and other management duties.

Spencer has been a part of Court OPS since its inception in 2008. He administrates for Court OPS where he continues to manage process servers, investigators, and office staff. Spencer is a licensed private investigator who loves to serve papers, find people, and teach others to perform those duties with excellence.

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